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  • Andvord, Rich

    Andvord, Rich. Christiania og Omegn. Christiania, utan år. Sent 1800-tal.
    Söndrigt rött dekorerat fotoalbum i litet 8vo-format. Främre pärm löst. Leporello-systemet har släppt. De 12 svart-vita fotografierna monterade på kartong i mycket fint skick.
    400 SEK
  • Beyer, F. , Bergen, (fotograf)

    Beyer, F. , Bergen, (fotograf); Ett svart och vitt originalfotografi av den berömda Maristuen i Norge daterat 1891. Fotot, som mäter 19 cm. x 14 cm. är monterat på kartong. I förgrunden en man med häst och vagn, på gårdsdplanen och framför Maristuen några människor. Signerat "F. Beyer, Bergen" i plåten. God kvalitet.
    500 SEK
  • Breton, Andre, French author (1896-1966)

    Breton, Andre, French author (1896-1966). Color photograph (134 mm. x 195 mm.) form Andre Bretons cemetery Batignolle in Paris. His stone is decorated with a red flower. It has an inscription you can't see on the photo; Je cherche l'or du temps. Photo by the Swedish poet and translator Ingmar Leckius with his label on reverse.
    500 SEK
  • Dickens, Charles, Brittish author (1812-1870)

    Dickens, Charles, Brittish author (1812-1870); Vintage cabinet photograph ( 6 x 10 cm. ) mounted on cardboard. Charles Dickens, old, with beard, in profile with his right hand to his cheek with a bit distressing look in his eyes. No photographer, no date. But late enough in this important authors life.
    800 SEK
  • Ehm, Josef, Czech photographer, 1909-1989

    Ehm, Josef, Czech photographer, 1909-1989. Photographs by Joseph Ehm. Panorama, Prague, 1979.
    Portfolio with 18 photographs and staplebound booklet with 26 p. reproductinos and text in Czech, Russian, German, English, French. The portfolio is soiled. Photographs and booklet in fine condition. Photographs: 1. Lonely and Forlorn, 1938. 2. Gargoyle and Flying Butress System of St. Vitus Cathedral, 1947. 3. Clementinum Baroque Hall, 1947 4. Forest Interior, 1946. 5. Portrait of Josef Sudek in St. Vitus Cathedral, 1947 6. Northern Front of the Czernin Palace in Prague, 1950. 7. Landscape near the Town Teplice, 1956. 8. Winter on the Campa Island, 1956. 9. Gothic and Baroque, 1957, 10. Choir Ambulatory of St. Vitus Cathedral, 1957. 11. Winter, 1960. 12. The Turk on Charles Bridge, 1962. 13. Spring in Prague, 1963. 14. Cupola of St. Nicholas" Chruch in Prague, 1964. 15. On the Boarder of the Zizkov town-quarter, 1966. 16. Castle Arcades on Zvivkov, 1967. 17. I Was a Tree, 1967. 18. Victory, 1976.
    8000 SEK
  • Ekwall, Knut

    Ekwall, Knut; Illustrationen zu Tegner's Frithjofssage. Nach den Original-Zeichnungen photographiert. Cabinet-Ausgabe. München, Friedr. Bruckmann´s Verlag, 1879.
    Cloth-map decorated in black and gilt in 8o-format. (130 x 180 mm.) Nicely blindstamped endpapers and flaps interior. One flap a bit loose, else fine condition. Title-page with table + 12 original photographs mounted on cardboard with title--texts in margins. Minimal spots on two photographs. The titles are: 1. Frithjof und Ingeborg, 2. Frithjof´s Kampf mit dem Bären, 3. Ingeborg webt Frithjof´s Bildniss, 4. Frithjof´s Liebesglück, 5. Frithjof´s Brautwerbung, 6. Ingeborg´s Klage, 7. Der Zweikampf, 8. Frithjof auf den Ruinen seinen Hofes, 9. Baldur´s Holztoss, 10. Julfest, 11. Die Eisfahrt und 12. Die Versuchung.
    500 SEK
  • Hermansson, Jean, Svensk fotograf / Swedish photographer, b. 1938

    Hermansson, Jean, Svensk fotograf / Swedish photographer, b. 1938; Dublin 1967.
    Svart-vitt fotografi (30 x 24 cm.) med en ensam hund i en ödslig trappuppgång. Hunden står längst upp i trappan med vackert ljus som faller in bakifrån och tittar nyfiker. En bild med mycket atmosfär. Daterad och signerad på baksidan med blyerts. Kopia tillverkad får några år sedan. Myckt god kvalitet. Black and white silver gelatin print (300 x 240 mm. with white borders) of a lonely dog in a lonely staircase looking curios at what's going on and with the daylight falling in from a window behind. A lot of atmosphere. Printed a few years ago. Fine condition. Signed and dated in pencil on the reverse.
    6000 SEK
  • Japan

    Japan. Five (5) original stereo photographs from Japan. Underwood & Underwood Publishers, New York, London etc. , 1904.
    Five stereo photographs in black and white from Japan with long texts on the reverse from "Notes on travel. ". 1, Funeral,procession of a Buddhist. Osaka Japan. No. 85. 2. Beautiful Stone Lanterens at Osaka, Japan. No. 83. 3.Sacred Lotus Flowers in a Temple Pond at Osaka, Japan. No. 84. 4.Devout Women Stroking a Broze Bull to Cure Rheumatisam; Kyoto, Japan. No. 55. 5. Feudal castle (16th Century) at Osaka, Japan. No. 82.
    A bit bent as always, but strong and bright prints in fine condition.
    1200 SEK
  • Lie, Jonas, norsk författare (1833-1908) & Thomasine Lie

    Lie, Jonas, norsk författare (1833-1908) & Thomasine Lie. Svart- och vitt Albumin fotografi, 235 x 175 mm., av den norske författaren Jonas Lie och hans hustru Thomasine vid skrivbordet. Ej daterat, men kring 1900.
    Thomasine Lie tog aktiv del i sin mans författarskap och anses ha haft ett avgörande inflytande inte minst på hans kvinnoskildringar. Fotot lite klippt uppe t. v. och med en liten reva mitt på t. h. I övrigt god kvalitet.
    500 SEK
  • Lindahl, Axel, fotograf (1832-1906)

    Lindahl, Axel, fotograf (1832-1906); Ett svart och vitt originalfotografi från slutet av 1800-talet av Loms kirke i Gudbrandsdalen i Norge. En bit av kyrkan framifrån och med tre unga kvinnor och en hund i förgrunden. Titeln präglad nertill i plåten. Där finns också präglat nummer "1369". liksom fotografen Axel Lindahls namn t. h. Bilden, som mäter 22.5 cm. x 16.5 cm. är något blekt, men i bra kondition.
    500 SEK
  • Lundkvist, Artur, svensk författare, (1906-1991)

    Lundkvist, Artur, svensk författare, (1906-1991). Svart-vitt fotografi - silver gelatin - av Artur Lundkvist sittande framför ett konstverk och blicka in i kameran. Foto av Ingemar Leckius med följande textremsa klistrad på baksidan: " Artur Lundkvist - som outtröttligt tolkar världens strömmande rop." Foto mäter 230 x 160 mm.
    500 SEK
  • Löfstedt, Nils Petter, Swedish photographer born 1980

    Löfstedt, Nils Petter, Swedish photographer born 1980. The Pier. Special Edition with 5 inkjet prints 15 x 20 cm. prints signed and numbered recto. Pierre von Kleist Editions, 2011.
    Softbound 8vo with color wrappers, color reproductions and a DVD with the film The Pier. 72 p. Housed in a handcarved metal box. In all 20 copies were made in this bibliophiled edition, this is no. 10.
    Somewhere under a pier in Malmö, Sweden, Erik Vestman and Nils Petter Löfstedt stumble upon an undiscovered hollow. For six months they build Malmö’s most secret room with white walls and a parquet floor. This is the documentation.
    4000 SEK
  • McBean, Angus, ( English photographer)

    McBean, Angus, ( English photographer); A black and white silver gelatin print of Tommy Steel as Tony Lumpkin in "She Stoops to Conquer" in London 1957. It's a head and shoulder photograph size 25 cm. x 20 cm. in profile and he is holding a longe pipe in his right hand. It´s copyright signed in black feltpen on the reverse and mounted in a white passepartout which also is signed in black feltpen "Angus McBean, London 57" below the photograph to the right. Some marks in the black frame of the photo not concerning the image. Fine quality.
    2500 SEK
  • Rio de Janeiro. Original photographs

    Rio de Janeiro. Original photographs. Album Do Rio de Janeiro. 10 Fotografias. N. 1. Silver gelatin prints. No editor, no time. Around 1920.
    Softbound oblong- 4obound with a cord. The miniature photo on front board is missing a small piece. Light folds to wrappers.The photographs are silver gelatin prints sized 230 mm x 165 mm. They depict Botafogo, Vista Parcial, Copacabana, Ihla de Paqueta, O Pao de Açucar, Vista Chineza, Avenidfa Getulio Vargas, Avenido Rio Branco and, the last one, is a panorama with two photographs; Panorama do Coacovado.
    300 SEK
  • Touring New York

    Touring New York. An original photograph ( 18 cm. x 13 cm.) mounted on a grey pasteboard (25,5 cm. x 20.5 cm. ) with green text. Not dated, but around 1920. A very nice vintage print with around 30 persons in elegant dresses and hats, sitting in an open car (only the horses are missing). A boy on the street leaning towards the wagon behind gives this photo an extra touch.
    This is a souvenir from "Touring New York" Automobiles. On the reverse it says that these tours start from hotel Bartholdi, Brodway, and Twenty-Third street, embracing all points of interest in New York. All automobiles accompanied by uniformed guide speaking principal languages. "Fare round trip $ 1. 00 " But evening tours to Chinatown and the Bowery exists also. "Fare $ 2.00 including expenses. " These souvenir photographs were numbered, so duplicates could be ordered. Here it´s a bit difficult to se the Negative No. Could be 10/0. These were "The Green cars. " Minor wear to corners and small marks on reverse, but an item in very good condition.
    1200 SEK
  • Yokohama Railway Station

    Yokohama Railway Station. A coloured original photograph from "Railway Station, Yokohama" with printed note "P 69" but no photographers name. Mounted on thick cardboard. The photographs' size is 260 mm. x 210 mm. It´s not dated but around 1900. In the foreground a yong carrier with vegetables (?) by the river besides a lonley tree. On the other side of the river the railway station. Slightly faded in colours, else very good condition.
    500 SEK