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  • Fonda, Jane, American actress, b. 1937

    Fonda, Jane, American actress, b. 1937; Black and white, silver gelatin print of yong Jane Fonda, half length, size 24 x 18 cm. Boldly signed in black feltpen over the lower part: "With Peace Jane Fonda. " The photographers name printed in the right margin: "Harry Langdon Photography. "
    500 SEK
  • Kilmer, Val, American actor

    Kilmer, Val, American actor; Autograph. V. Kilmer. Autograph in black feltpen on a brown paper; 12-15 cm.
    300 SEK
  • Nicholson, Jack, American actor

    Nicholson, Jack, American actor; The Crossing Gard. Signed filmposter. Miramax Film Corporation, 1995.
    The poster for the film "The Crossing Gard" 1995 with Jack Nicholson, David Morse, Robin Wright and Anjelica Houston in the leading roles. A suggestive poster, size 680 mm. x 1080 mm, in black with Jack Nicholson in half lengt profile. The text in red and grey. Boldly signed in full name by Jack Nicholson in gilt feltpen on black background just to the right besides his face. Framed in a white wooden frame.
    3500 SEK
  • Rutherford, Ann, Canadian born American actress, bo. 1922

    Rutherford, Ann, Canadian born American actress, bo. 1922; A black and white photograph - vintage print - size 250 x 200 mm of a half busted young Ann Rutherford twinkling into the camera with a charming smile.
    Just above her left bust she has written in black ink: "Happy thoughts. Ann Rutherford." Minimal fold to one white margin below, else a fine item in all aspects. Very visible inscription. Comes in a bit worn Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer envelope addressed to Ingmar Johansson in Sweden around 1940.
    Ann Rutherford had a long career as actress in film, radio and later television. She acted as Carreen O'Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939).
    600 SEK
  • Sothern, Ann (1909 - 2001) U. S. comedienne. Signed photograph

    Sothern, Ann (1909 - 2001) U. S. comedienne. Signed photograph; Beautiful and fresh sepia vintage print (200 x 255 mm.) from around 1945. Inscribed.
    Ann Sothern is leaning her arms on film metal boxes. Below, a bit in the dark background has she written boldly: "With kindest regards Ann Sothern. Comes with a typed and hand signed letter on her own stationary - a kind of standard letter, but signed by hand in blue ink. Comes in a bit worn Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Picture envelope directed to Ingemar Johansson in Örebro in Sweden.
    Ann Sothern, leading lady of stage and screen. Academy Award nominee. Had a TV show; The Ann Sothern Show.
    500 SEK
  • Voight, John, American actor

    Voight, John, American actor; A black and white promotion photo from Colombia Tristar, 18 x 24 cm. of John Voight, head and sholuder, in half profile. He has signed very visible with full name in lilac felpen below to the right. Very small spot in the white margin below. His name printed in black to the left.
    400 SEK